Zoe Cutler Headshot

Zoe Cutler (she, her, hers) - Coding Mentor

Multimedia weirdo. ADHD gremlin. Poser composer.

As a coding mentor at the Academy, Zoe is passionate about software development fundamentals, app accessibility and hoping to one day master SwiftUI. She draws from her eclectic interests to translate between different areas of expertise. Zoe is frequently seen pretending to be a designer but is most passionate about moonlighting as a facilitator. She is happiest when presenting unfamiliar topics in front of unwitting Academy learners. The Academy approach to learning pushes her to confront the unknown, while embracing improved educational models as part of the radical change she seeks.

Prior to joining the Academy, Zoe pursued opportunities that combined her varied interests, including music theory, data science and creating supportive institutional environments. She most recently worked for the ADVANCE Program at the University of Michigan, where she furthered an inclusive climate for faculty members.

Zoe earned a Bachelor of Music from Oberlin Conservatory and a Master of Music from the University of Michigan. When not in the Academy, you can find her playing trombone, climbing, avoiding her composition commissions, cooking spicy food, making paper snowflakes, throwing ceramic vessels, pretending to be a whole brass quintet on YouTube, forgetting to water her plants and trying a new hobby each week desperately hoping something will work out.