MSU opens applications for mentor roles for the Apple Developer Academy in Detroit

May 3, 2021

Michigan State University is now hiring mentors to join the Apple Developer Academy.

In January, MSU and Apple jointly announced their partnership to launch Apple’s first United States-based Developer Academy in Detroit. The Detroit Academy is part of Apple’s $100 million national Racial Equity and Justice Initiative aimed to build the next generation of diverse leaders in the tech industry.

The Academy will welcome its first cohort of students in Fall 2021, and MSU is currently seeking highly motivated candidates with coding, design, and business experience in the app economy to guide them through their learning experience. 

“Being a part of this exciting partnership will be an incredible experience for tech professionals to help shape the next generation of developers,” said Dr. Sarah Gretter, associate director and head of design at MSU’s Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology and director of the Apple Developer Academy in Detroit. “Not only will mentors foster relationships with and support tech education for students in Detroit, but they’ll also be a part of a larger movement aimed at advancing racial equity nationwide.” 

The current opportunities include 18 positions for coding mentors, design mentors, and business/marketing mentors located in Detroit. Mentors have industry and/or academic experience in technology, and are interested in guiding others through their journey to becoming world-class developers in a vibrant ecosystem. Mentors will be full-time MSU employees with year-long, renewable contracts.

The Academy program lasts one year and mentors will guide students through a curriculum covering coding, design, entrepreneurship, and an array of professional skills. They will also lead the Foundations program, a month-long offering aiming to introduce app development to community members.