Meet the Staff

Interested in applying to a staff position at the Apple Developer Academy? Check out job openings on the MSU career website.

Anny Staten profile

Anny Staten

Academy Manager

Sarah Gretter profile

Sarah Gretter


Theo Caldwell profile

Theo Caldwell

Renaissance Manager/DEI Advisor

Kiana Bauer profile

Kiana Bauer

Business Mentor

Kevin Buchholz profile

Kevin Buchholz

Coding Mentor

Zoe Cutler profile

Zoe Cutler

Coding Mentor

Alesha Duncan profile

Alesha Duncan

Design Mentor

Alex Enriquez profile

Alex Enriquez

Design Mentor

Mike Googins profile

Mike Goggins

IT Manager

Dahime Gordon profile

Dahime Gordon

Business Mentor

Nick Gordon profile

Nick Gordon

Coding Mentor

Delon Hardy profile

Delon Hardy

Business Mentor

Mallery Heise profile

Mallery Heise

Design Mentor

Alexia Henderson profile

Alexia Henderson

Design Mentor

Shonda Jones profile

Shonda Jones

Office Coordinator

Telayne Keith profile

Telayne Keith

Design Mentor

Tyler Lawrence profile

Tyler Lawrence

Coding Mentor

Nick Melekian profile

Nick Melekian

Coding Mentor

Benia Morgan-Ware profile

Benia Morgan-Ware

Hybrid Coding Mentor

Tom Phillips profile

Tom Phillips

Coding Mentor

Rhiannon Pleins profile

Rhiannon Pleins

IT Specialist

Gavin Pollard Bey profile

Gavin Pollard Bey

Business Mentor

Mari Reyna profile

Maria Reyna

Coding Mentor

Lilyan Talia profile

Lilyan Talia

Administrative Business Professional

Corey Sibu Tripathy profile

Cory Sibu Tripathy

Coding Mentor

Marcus Westbrooks profile

Marcus Westbrooks

Coding Mentor

Arlaya Worthen profile

Arlaya Worthen

Design Mentor



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The Gilbert Family Foundation, in partnership with Rocket Companies, proudly supports the Apple Developer Academy at Michigan State University in Detroit. GFF is committed to building access to opportunity and advancing equity for all members of the Detroit community by unlocking pathways to education and employment through intentional programming like the Academy.