Alex Enriquez

Alex Enriquez Headshot

Alex Enriquez (she, her) - Design Mentor

Lego architect. Tech nerd. Roasting plant enthusiast.

As a design mentor at the Academy, Alex always puts accessibility and creativity at the forefront when design or coding any projects. She gets excited learning new design concepts and implementing them into code. She strives to assist learners in creating and building their future projects.

Prior to joining the Academy, Alex was a learner in the inaugural cohort of the Apple Developer Academy. During her time in the program, she and her team achieved the development and release of an app named BiteSight on the App Store. BiteSight aids individuals with blindness or low vision in swiftly scanning and recognizing food allergens listed on product ingredient labels. After successfully graduating from the Academy, Alex expanded her tech career by joining the Renaissance program offered by the Apple Developer Academy.

When not in the Academy, Alex can often be found indulging in her love for new shoes, even if they're not a necessity, or immersing herself in Lego sets. She takes pleasure in spending quality time at home with her two beloved pets, Charles the Shih Tzu and Kiwi the Russian Blue cat. Lately, Alex has developed a keen interest in traveling, and her current top destination of choice is the bustling city of New York!