Dahime Gordon

Dahime Gordon Headshot

Dahime Gordon (she, her, hers) - Business Mentor

Traveler. Air Force Veteran. Writer. Foodie.

As a Business Mentor at the academy, Dahime is driven and committed to emphasizing the indispensable role of business in tandem with the coders and designers. Her goal is to ensure that everyone partakes in every facet of the Apple Developer Academy experience. Upon completing the program, Dahime envisions her mentees having harnessed a wealth of experience and seized every opportunity to propel them towards their dream careers. 

She has a passion for assisting others and embracing the challenges they encounter, viewing each obstacle as a chance to thrive and flourish.  
Before joining the Academy, Dahime was a program manager at an afterschool center, where she molded young minds, encouraging boundless creativity and a deep appreciation for change. 

Dahime holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications with a specialization in Journalism from O.R.U., and she has also earned a Master of Arts degree in Communications with a specialization in film production from Regent University. Even beyond the Academy, she remains dedicated to nurturing students, expanding their horizons, and enriching their outlook on life. 
In her free time, you'll often find Dahime at tech meet-ups, exploring the exhilaration of rope jumping, and forging meaningful connections with others.