Delon Hardy

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Delon Hardy (he, his, him) - Business Mentor

Detroiter. Musician. Style enthusiast.

As a business mentor at the Academy, Delon helps to guide learners through the business, entrepreneurial & project management side of app development. As a born and raised Detroiter, Delon extremely values the chance to give back and teach his community to become world-class developers. He has a passion for interacting with the learners and helping to push them to the next level. Being able to see the learners grow while walking side by side with them through this journey is one of the most rewarding parts of the Academy experience for him. Delon believes that each learner on this journey is their own personal brand and that every day at the Apple Developer Academy is a new chance for them to increase their brand strength. His hope is that through the work done here, every learner will leave the Academy stronger, wiser, and more inspired than when they joined.

Prior to the academy, Delon was a student at the University of Michigan. He holds several business certifications and is also a graduate of the inaugural class of the Apple Developer Academy Detroit. After graduation, Delon was accepted into the post-academy Renaissance Program as business lead and designer on the Marketing & Recruitment Team. At the same time, he embarked on the journey of mentorship and became a mentor for the academy’s Foundations Program. His combined experience led him directly to his current role as a business mentor here at the Apple Developer Academy.