Gavin Pollard Bey

Gavin Pollard Bey Headshot

Gavin Pollard Bey (he, his, him) - Business Mentor

Autodidact. Creative. Scholar.

As a business mentor at the Academy, Gavin has been an instrumental figure in the creation of the business curriculum and introducing the Junior Learners to business and Project Management concepts that will carry them through their journey of self learning and growth in the tech field. Gavin enjoys this role as it gives him the opportunity to help others learn and grow more in their chosen field.

Prior to join the Academy Gavin worked with many organizations (non-profit and for profit) in which he was in charge of organizing members of the community for events as well as a board member for a scholarship committee and numerous community organizations.

Gavin got his degree in Business/Communication at Kellogg Community College and also studied Business, Communication and Africana Studies at Western Michigan University. When not in the Academy, you can find Gavin in nature with his camera enjoying the scenery or you can catch him outside in his roller-skates.