Kiana Bauer

Kiana Bauer Headshot

Kiana Bauer (she, her, hers) - Business Mentor

Stationary hoarder. Foodie. World-seeker.

As a Business mentor at the Academy, Kiana looks forwards to learning along with each cohort. Working to share the process and value of the Academy experience to anyone willing to listen. She believes that by equipping people with the skills and knowledge they need, they can contribute to building a brighter and more inclusive future for everyone. Kiana enjoys assisting learners in finding the best practices in collaborating, project management, and promoting themselves, their teams, and all the creations they ideate.

Prior to joining the Academy as a mentor, Kiana made her way through the inaugural cohort of Apple Developer Academy in Detroit, continued on to the Renaissance program at the Academy as the Project Manager of the Marketing and Recruiting Team and a Foundation program mentor. In these roles, she collaborated with team members, stakeholders, and potential partners to introduce the Academy’s digital and physical presence within Academy Alumni, the Detroit community and outwards to other Apple Developer Academies.

Kiana attended Mount Holyoke College and earned her bachelor’s of art degree in Political Science. When not in the Academy, you can find Kiana trying new foods, enjoying some coffee, exercising, or playing Dungeon’s and Dragon’s.