Mallery Heise

Mallery Heise Headshot

Mallery Heise (she, her) - Design Mentor

Color fiend. Sun seeker. Kaftan enthusiast.

As a design mentor Mallery is keen to bring out the designer in everyone. She is interested in exploring the intersections of aesthetic and useful design, and is looking to bring along as many learners as possible.

Prior to the Academy, Mallery had lived a lifetime in the hospitality industry, working all over the U.S. and Caribbean, designing food and beverage user experiences. Service minded, she values the parallels between hospitality and user centered design.

A biochemistry major, Mallery’s interests lean more toward the natural world. When not in the Academy, you can find her poking around the wilderness for mushrooms, peat bogs, and Michigan native wildflowers. She may also be found at the theater, underwater, or lusting after vintage clothing.