Mike Goggins Headshot

Mike Goggins (he, him, his) – IT Manager

Michigander. Vinyl enthusiast. Dog Dad.

As IT manager at the Academy, Mike Goggins, who goes by his last name, is passionate about bringing technology into the community, making it accessible on every level, supporting Academy students, and empowering their visions to take life through education and access to tech.

Prior to joining the Academy, Goggins worked as a Genius at Apple, supporting the retail products within Apple’s ecosystem. Working at the University of Michigan, years later, he continued in support roles to help others within education programs.

When not in the Academy, you can find Goggins collecting records, kayaking or attending local concerts.

  • What would your fellow mentors say your greatest strengths are?

    I am outspoken and able to address issues head on. There are many ways to approach a problem. By addressing issues and recognizing the need to handle each unique challenge with the delicacy of an individual problem, I can support a positive, uplifting team through any complications that arise.

  • If you were to offer students one piece of advice as they start their journey at the Academy, what would it be?

    Open your mind. Ask every question. Don’t hold back.

  • Have you always wanted to work in tech? What is your personal history with tech?

    Yes, I have. I remember going to Gibraltar Computer shows in the ‘90s and always being so  fascinated by it all. That fascination has yet to let up. Never being able to afford new tech  growing up, I’ve always found creative ways to extend the life of technology and share with  those around me. I’ve always been the go-to guy to ask a computer question and this drive led  me into a tech-focused career, eventually bringing me back to Detroit to serve the community.

  • What was your experience with coding, tech, iOS, or entrepreneurship before the Academy?

    I dabbled in it all. A longtime passion for tech and the fascination for Apple drew me into the  ecosystem from the eMac years. Helping friends and family around me with their various IT  issues allowed me to gain more experience in the tech world, as well as work on establishing a  small entrepreneurship report around my city and schools.

  • What made you want to be a mentor/staff?

    As soon as I heard about this Academy, I knew it was the place for me. I knew I wanted to  support the open minds and creative ideas that will flow out of this space. With my background  in IT support combined with my years of work for universities, I knew the combination of  Michigan State University and Apple was the perfect pairing for an environment I would support  to my fullest. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. 

  • Where are you from and where do you live now?

    I grew up in Center Line, but have lived all over our country. I found my way back home, and  recently purchased my first house, not too far from where I grew up. My family and I now reside  in quiet neighborhood in Warren!

  • What are you most excited about?

    The future. The ideas that will come from this Academy are limitless, and I cannot wait to see the  impact it will have on the community in which it resides.