Telayne Keith Headshot

Telayne Keith-Logan (she, her, hers) – Lead Design Mentor

Creative weirdo. Music anthropologist. Empathetic leader.

As Lead Design Mentor at the Academy, Telayne walks students through the human-centered design process. As a constant advocate for users, Telayne understands the importance of a balanced foundation in terms of app design. A creative at heart, she enjoys the combination of visual design and product development. She’s earned the affectionate role of dj as she keeps the energy alive through her curated playlist in the academy. She is excited to usher students through this exciting process.

Prior to joining the Academy, Telayne worked as a user researcher and marketing specialist for a private equity firm based in Cleveland, Ohio. Providing crucial guidance to portfolio companies in the construction, psychological, and medical industries. She also expresses her artistic talents through her own event and strategy company, Sinclair Creative. The bridge to the Developer Academy was built through a partnership between Apple and the Boys and Girls Club of Southeastern Michigan where she facilitated an app development program, Code 2 Career. Direct impact to the local community is a core tenet of her character and it carries her through her work at the academy. She had the distinct honor of being featured on Apple’s website for her work with BGCSM and the Apple Developer Academy.

Telayne attended Kent State University where she earned a bachelor’s of science degree and most recently, a Masters of User Experience Design. She is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and Creative Director of her event and design company Sinclair Creative. A student of the world, she is a multi passionate individual with a curiosity for world cuisine and music. When not in the Academy, you can find her enjoying music while painting or creating home cooked with family.

  • What would your fellow mentors say your greatest strengths are?

    I would hope my ability to bring people and their unique perspectives together to come up with valuable solutions, but probably just my taste in music.

  • If you were to offer students one piece of advice as they start their journey at the Academy, what would it be?

    This opportunity will give you a map to your future. You just have to choose with route to take. Invest in your journey; whether that means studying hard, saving for your dream, or stepping out of your comfort zone. Always invest in your journey.

  • Have you always wanted to work in tech? What is your personal history with tech?

    My dad worked in IT and I remember watching him tinker with computers and staying on top of the ever-evolving tech space. I was all about the arts so I never really considered tech until post grad. I knew from my undergraduate experience with product development that I enjoyed the process of revising a product to improve its design. That’s when I began to learn more about UX and just how many opportunities it offered.

  • What was your experience with coding, tech, iOS, or entrepreneurship before the Academy?

    I had decided to change careers and pivot towards UX after having an app idea I wanted to develop. The process reminded me of the product development courses I took while in undergrad and wanted to learn more about what I could do with UX. In the midst of the pandemic, I decided to bet on myself and go get my master’s. That program taught me about design fundamentals and the importance of quality research and practices. I applied what I learned directly to my internship and freelance work. I was first introduced to Apple through a community partnership with the Boys and Girls Club. The program Code 2 Career paved my way to the academy.

  • What made you want to be a mentor? What are you most excited about?

    I’ve always enjoyed the reciprocation of knowledge with others because that is where we all become better. I’ve been blessed to have some wonderful mentors that have believed and sowed into me so it’s only right for me to pass what I’ve learned on.

    I’m most excited to see all of the growth from start to finish from our learners. Growth in the areas of design and coding are a given, but the most noticeable growth is in the confidence.

  • Where are you from and where do you live now?

    I’m just a kid from Akron, Ohio, but have found home here in Detroit.